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While most 17 year old girls battle with pimples, baby fat, hormones, and embarrassment, along with all the other horrors, the Mystics come of age growing into supernatural powers that have sprouted in the New Age hothouse of Ashland, Oregon. Confronted with challenges like the kidnapping of Immigrant High School’s most popular girl, the assault on the heroine Jasmine’s boy friend, and a terrorist attack on their city, the Mystics bond together, forming a paranormal A team that has the magic to overcome the threats to their classmates, themselves, and the town they love.
Learning their psychic skills, surrounded by kids who don’t really get the potential in the arsenal of the Mystics, and a few adults who have their own telepathic gifts, the book chronicles the evolution of the group’s mysterious talents and the bonding together required to make them a force no one would intentionally cross or they might find themselves kissing the porcelain throne.

A thread that binds Mystics is the maturing relationship between Jasmine, the Tarot Card reader and intuit, and her love interest, Noah. While Jasmine struggles with the normal insecurities of a high school junior, she’s thrilled by the chance to build on her strong connection to Noah, a long distance runner and amateur flirt with lines that would mortify most teenagers. Besides being a track star, Noah has some mysterious surprises for Jasmine, making him valuable in the missions of the Mystics.


By the time their junior year ends and summer begins in Camelot, also known as Ashland, the Mystics have joined together, even if they might not like each other. Their relationships are filled with common teen girl jealousy, even if they are aware they are being childlike and “normal”.


Jesse Lang doesn’t know if he’s a coward. Given the nickname “Rabbit” because of a premature encounter at an Idaho whorehouse, he’s struggling with his manhood as he gains maturity during the turbulence of the antiwar movement in the late 60s.


No DirectionHome takes place in the idyllic and magical city of Bellingham, Washington and on the campus of Western Washington University. The town has become a peacenik epicenter for radical protests against the illegal police action in South Vietnam and a hotbed for counterculture activity and cosmic growth.

Rabbit befriends several student leaders, finds the love of his life, learns the value of pharmaceuticals, battles his draft board, organizes demonstrations, and teaches his rugby teammates how to inhale and hold it. His primary mentor, Myron, educates Rabbit and fellow students on the absurdity, crimes, and greed of elected leaders in one fact-filled discussion after the other. Always, the beauty of the city and the university provide a glittering framework for the story as Rabbit takes on the Selective Service and fights his induction into the United States Military. The book bounces from the serious to playful in order to display the swiftly changing times and the need to escape the carnage on the Evening News.